Monday, August 23, 2010

A Flawless Office Grand Opening Celebration!!!

This is one of the most exciting blog posts EVER. As some of you may know, Flawless Occasions had a huge change this past June - we opened our own office! We were lucky enough to secure a space in a wonderful new building called the Apple Blossoms Wedding Center, which is the brainchild of Scott Darhower of Apple Blossoms Florist. The idea behind it is a location that could potentially be a one-stop-shop for brides; several wedding vendors located in a convenient area for all of your wedding and event needs. Although we work and operate completely independent of one another, it's great to be neighbors with others in the industry.
The Wedding Center is setup with a main lobby area which also serves as a meeting space for those in the wedding center or other wedding and event vendors who wish to rent out the space to meet with clients. There are a few permanent private offices also located in the building, one of which is ours - The Flawless Office!
On Wednesday, August 18th, the entire Wedding Center in conjunction with Apple Blossoms Florist hosted a fabulous grand opening celebration. We had delicious food catered by Elite Events Catering, Dee's Delights, and Cakes Plus, an open bar, and RJ Vida spinning hits (there was definitely a late night dance party towards the end of the evening). There were so many great friends and vendors in the industry, as well as tons of beautiful brides and clients. We were shocked at how many people made it out on a weeknight to come and celebrate with us - it was literally a packed house for most of the night. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made our grand opening a huge success!
And another big thank you goes to one of our Wedding Center neighbors, Joelle from Socialite Studios, who got some awesome photos of the night that we are so excited to share with you! Check out her video at the bottom too, it's pretty hilarious.. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jennifer and Marlon's pro pics

A big thank you to Christie Curtis from Limelight Photography for sending over these great pictures from Jennifer and Marlon's wedding that we planned and coordinated a few months ago at the Marriott Sand Key. It was such a wonderful wedding and Christie's photos really captured all of the best moments and details of the day. Thanks again Christie!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Design Inspiration

I've been busy working tonight on a design scheme for one of our wonderful November brides, and I came across a ton of great inspiration boards on Check them out! And don't forget, many of our planning packages come with design assistance. We love to help you create a vision, and then coordinate it! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is it all about you?

This weekend the New York Times had a very interesting article about vegetarians and vegans - to serve meat or to not serve meat at their weddings. Although I have attended and/or coordinated weddings that had food choices related to religious requirements, the idea of food choices related to personal life choices is a different situation altogether. I like this article because it gives several different points of view. What do you think about this topic? Take our poll at the bottom!

Here's an excerpt from the article itself and you can read the rest by clicking here.

At Vegans’ Weddings, Beef or Tofu?

Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times
The pastry chefs Fernanda Capobianco and Fran├žois Payard will serve meat at their wedding, though she is a vegan.
WEDDINGS are all about compromise. City or country? June or November? My religion or yours?

For Chelsea Clinton, a vegetarian, it was the decision to serve meat to the guests at her July 31 wedding. (Short ribs, specifically, though there were rumors of Angus steak.)

For some couples, that is a concession too far.

“If your family loves you and wants you to have that special day, I think they can go one meal and not eat meat,” said Cecilia Kinzie, a vegan and food consultant in Petaluma, Calif., who served no meat at her 2009 wedding.

“If you go to an Indian wedding, you don’t expect Italian food,” added Ms. Kinzie, who had already appeased her family by spending her savings on a hotel reception rather than the honeymoon she’d always dreamed of. “So why should this be any different?”

As it turns out, the most political decision of Ms. Clinton’s wedding was not whether to invite James Carville. By choosing to have meat, she reignited a sensitive wedding-season debate among ethical eaters and the people who love them: To serve, or not to serve?

To read article in its entirety, click here

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Flawless Contest Winner!!

There was a bit of a delay but I wanted to announce the winner of the Flawless Contest from last month. We were looking for entries describing a great memory that someone had with their loved one, but instead we got a great memory in need of preserving. Congratulations to our contest winner, Desiree, who was looking for someone to photograph her intimate wedding ceremony before her fiance is deployed in October. We feel really great about helping this bride and her soldier capture the beautiful memories that will be made on her special wedding day. Thanks to Memories by Erin Leigh for helping us to award this great couple with a free photo session. Can't wait to see how the photos turn out!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Congratulations Chelsea Clinton!

I admit I am not very much into celebrity news and am usually the last to know about a celebrity breakup or arrest or whatever - but I am all about Chelsea Clinton's wedding photos! Her dress was a Vera Wang and absolutely breathtaking. She mixed a little traditional with trendy by wearing a blusher veil with a more modern bling-belted gown. She and her fiance Marc had an interfaith ceremony mixing their Methodist and Jewish religious backgrounds. There were 400-500 guests at the lavish affair. I'm hoping they release some more photos because I would love to see the decor and details of this amazing wedding.
Click here for more -Dress details, Wedding details
(photo credit: US Weekly Magazine)