Friday, July 24, 2009

NEW Boudoir Photography Team

So I just got home from a lovely Friday morning wedding that Beth and I did-- stay tuned for a post with pics very soon--- but I had to share this awesome info with everyone.

Our friends Carolina and Shem, two wonderful local photographers, have teamed up to create a new company that is specifically for boudoir style photography. It's called Room 3307 (love the name), and they just launched their new website this week! We are so excited to hear about their new business venture, and we know that it is going to be very successful.

If you don't know a lot about boudoir photography, it is basically a sexy style of portraits done in a very tasteful and classy manner. Some women wear lingerie, while others may where themed outfits or other glamorous apparel. The photos can be given as a gift to your future husband as a wedding present, an anniversary present, or birthday gift. You don't even need a reason to do it though - you can just do it for YOU. Both Beth and I have had the boudoir photo experience and can tell you firsthand that it is extremely empowering and exciting. It really makes you feel like a supermodel, which every woman should get a chance to feel as often as possible!

Carolina and Shem will be hosting boudoir marathons as well as private sessions, so visit their website for more information! Their first marathon is coming in August, and spots are going fast. Best of luck Room 3307 - although we don't think you'll need any :)


Zekeshem said...

Shawna!! This is so wonderful, thank you so much for posting about our new adventure! We're super excited to be doing this, and are so grateful for all the support from wonderful people like you! :)

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