Monday, December 7, 2009

It's the little things...

A wedding planner has a lot of duties on the day of.... setting up, checking contracts, keeping the timeline, taking control of drunk family members who are requesting horrible songs for the DJ to play, etc. But perhaps one of the most important things we do is ease the mind of the bride as she gets ready on her wedding day.

Megan was one of my favorite brides and I loved working with her on all of the her wedding details. She hired great vendors and had everything planned out wonderfully, but when her big day came around, she still had some anxiety and nervous anticipation like many brides do.

She was getting ready at a separate location and wasn't able to be around to see the decor and all of her work come together. So on the day of her wedding as a way to make her feel better and show her that everything was under control and looking beautiful, I would take pictures on my cell phone and send them to her throughout the day. She was so thrilled every time I sent the pictures, it really made her feel more at ease and even more excited for the wedding day.

I had no idea these little picture texts I was sending were caught on camera, but here it is in this photo by Jason Angelini.

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