Saturday, September 18, 2010

Top this Toast!

So last year the hot YouTube wedding video was the ceremony entrance dance performance to Chris Brown's song "Forever", and it went on to be copied by brides and grooms all over the world. But at the beginning of September, a groom went even further and turned the reception toasts into a scene straight out of a Broadway musical. Literally. The groom re-created the famous scene from Fiddler on the Roof where a groom-to-be and a father-of-the-bride are celebrating a recently arranged marriaged and everyone toasts, dances and sings "To Life"! Fiddler on the Roof just happens to be one of my absolute favorite musicals. Oh, and the groom just happens to be the creator and star of the new popular Broadway show "The Heights", so that helped a little too.

He secretly met with family and friends multiple times during the month preceding the big day so that the performance was fully rehearsed and ready to go, and the bride had no idea. It was a great surprise for the bride (her reactions are great), and the guests got front row seats to a Broadway-worthy performance. I really hope this gets copied as much as the ceremony YouTube video was because it's so fun. Click here to view the full article, and here's the video - L' Chaim! (to life!)

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