Monday, April 11, 2011

Cutting out the Clutter of Wedding "Stuff"

Do you have a box in your house holding a bunch of wedding "stuff"? We often have brides give us a box of random items to set up for the wedding without any specific designation of where it should go or how they would like it used. Many brides are guilty of this... you're out shopping at the mall and you see a cute candle set or a bridal figurine or a bunch of lace heart ornaments and you say "hey, maybe I could use that for the wedding somehow...". So you buy it, bring it home, and it goes into your box of wedding "stuff" for the next 6 months to collect dust until the big day.

Here are some questions to ask yourself prior to purchasing items for your wedding.

1. What do I want to do with this item?

2. Does it match the colors/theme/style of my wedding?

3. Have I already purchased similar items?

4. Am I buying this because I love it, or because it is a good deal?

Don't buy something unless you can think of an exact way to utilize it at your wedding. It might be cute, but will it fit in with the rest of your decor or will it become clutter on a table somewhere? If you can't think of a significant use for it in your wedding, you probably shouldn't buy it.

Not only will this save you money by keeping you from purchasing a bunch of stuff you won't need, but it will relieve you of the stress in trying to come up with some type of use for all of the crazy items in your wedding box o' junk.

Happy Planning! :)

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