Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brides' Night Out - part 1

On Thursday, August 11th, we hosted our first ever Brides' Night Out event. This idea came about a few months ago when we were discussing bridal shows and the need for something unique in the area. We envisioned an evening cocktail party with a bridal show twist - basically a giant girls night out featuring some of the areas best wedding vendors in a hip and intimate setting. Mangroves Bar and Grill was the perfect place to host our first BNO event and they got on board immediately, letting us use their wonderful event space and providing amazing food and drinks. We also invited a few of our favorite vendors - Blue Lane Weddings, Kyle Lynn Hair and Makeup, The White Closet Bridal Company, Apple Blossoms Florist, A Piece of Cake, Publix Greenwise, DJ Cory Barron with Grant Hemond and Associates, and Vanessa from Stella and Dot. We really had no idea how this event was going to turn out, but it ended up being even more than we had hoped. We had over 140 wonderful brides-to-be and their girlfriends and everyone had such a great time. There was drinking, mingling, great music, and prizes. We really couldn't be happier. Shem and Carolina from Blue Lane Weddings set up a super fun photo booth that everyone really enjoyed, so we just wanted to share a few of the photos below. More photos and a video montage will be coming up on the blog shortly so stay tuned. And because of the success from our first one, we have added another Brides' Night Out event in St. Pete and Nova 535 on Sept. 15th so check out our website to RSVP! By the way, do you recognize that gorgeous blonde bride in the photos below? It's our intern, Kelly! She's been with us for 6 months now and we love her!! She played model at our Brides' Night Out event and looked fabulous.

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Zekeshem said...

Brides' Night Out was AWESOME!! We can't wait for the next on at NOVA 535! Fantastic job, ladies...you really set the bar on the this one! :)