Sunday, December 7, 2008

Need a party gift?

If you are invited to a party, it's always polite to bring the host a small gift. With holiday season upon us (YAY), you may be invited to some holiday parties and looking for ideas of something unique to bring. Why not bring a nice bottle of wine from a local winery? Keel and Curley Winery is located in Plant City, and they have a variety of festive wines, perfect to tote along to a holiday party. I recently tasted some of their homemade wines and they are delish! Try their Wild Berry Pinot Noir or their Strawberry Riesling. They also have Blueberry Wines that are actually very good for you because of their high levels of anti-oxidents! The best thing is, you can buy these wines at your local Publix in Hillsborough county if you can't get out to the winery itself.
This winery also hosts weddings, private tastings, bridal showers, etc. We haven't coordinated a wedding there yet but it looks like such a cool place to have one!! Check out their website for more information -

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