Monday, June 1, 2009

SuperBride Saves Family!

Lately there have been several TV shows and movies that have not been too friendly to the image of today's brides. Some of the shows portray brides as big spenders who will put their family and fiance into debt just to have the perfect wedding flowers flown in from China.. some show brides screaming at their bridesmaids so severely that it may take years of therapy to recover from it. These shows and other negative portrayals of brides by the media have caused the term "bridezilla" to become part of the normal vocabulary when having a conversation about weddings.

But there is a bright light here... a wonderful news story out of Connecticut that involves a heroic bride--not a Bridezilla at all, but a SuperBride! This young woman noticed a house on fire while riding in a car after leaving her wedding reception, and she leaped out to help while still in her wedding dress! Her wedding dress is now black and charred, but we might as well paint a giant "S" on the front because she truly is a SuperBride.

Here's the full story from the Connecticut Post:

Bride Saves Family from Burning Home

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