Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sweet Thank You from a Great Groom :)

Beth is out of town for a few days but I just had to post this sweet, sweet review from one of our most recent clients.

We love our couples, especially when they are so appreciative of our hard work. Sharee and Daniel were no exception...they were so grateful the entire day and Beth and Christina really enjoyed making their special day a success. I only worked with Sharee and Daniel in the beginning but even with the small amount I contributed to their wedding, they were still thankful which just goes to show how wonderful they are. We often get sweet notes and emails from our brides, and we've had a few grooms post reviews as well, but Daniel's is so kind and special that I had to post it here. You know how much wedding planners love details...and his review is full of them! Thank you so much Daniel (and Sharee) for this review, we are so glad you were happy with our work and that you loved your flawless wedding.

Shawna, Beth and Christina of Flawless Occassions made us feel like a special couple from the very beginning. Our initial meeting began with a fantastic overview of what levels of planning they could provide for us. Even though we selected the Day Of Package, the trio were an integral part in our planning efforts. We were able to ask them for ideas on vendors and they provided us with their recommendations. Their knowledge of vendors and ability to give us insight into the world of wedding planning made the selection of quality vendors easy and left us feeling confident leading up the wedding day.

A few days prior to the wedding, we sat down with Beth to discuss the day of the ceremony. Beth had reviewed with us the many items that were needed for the rehearsal dinner and actual wedding day. Her list of items to review identified numerous things that we had not thought about; which meant that we were able to solve them before the wedding day! Thank goodness! Beth contacted all of our vendors to make sure that all the vendors were lined up for the wedding day, which alleviated one of the many things we were working on for the day. Even prior to the wedding day, Beth was coming up with solutions to items, Flawless Occasions was able to suggest a violinist for the wedding.

On the actual wedding day, Beth and Christina made the day perfect. Beth and Christina were there at every moment in the day to handle any issues. My fiancee's hairdresser had a mix-up and Beth was all over solutions. At one point, my fiancee had a moment where she needed a bobby pin, BAM! Beth and Christina had a whole roll of bobby pins (That's how prepared they were).
The violinist worked great. They made sure that everyone was relaxed and enjoying the actual day! During the reception, anything that I needed was taken care of (at one point, I asked for a glass of water, and Ta-Da! it was done).
My wife is saying that this review is going a bit long; so to make a long testimonial short, choose Flawless Occasions. They made our day great and we are sure they can do it for you.

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