Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creating a Kid-Friendly Wedding

When planning your wedding, the question might arise - to have kids at the wedding, or to not have kids? This can be a tough situation for some couples... deciding between having an adults-only affair or a kid-friendly festivity can cause some stress. Sometimes guests can be offended if you request no children attend, you just never know. In the end though, it is YOUR wedding and you really should make the decision based on how you envision your event.
If you do decide that kids are welcome at the wedding, it is important to remember that a wedding is typically geared towards adults so it can be helpful to find something to occupy the children.
One of our recent couples, Joanna and John, did a great job at creating a kid-friendly environment where the children could have fun and stay busy and their parents could enjoy themselves as well.

Joanna and John's kids' table was filled with toys, coloring books, crayons, you name it. When the children saw it, you would have thought it was Christmas Day. To top it off, a balloon artist was hired to entertain the kids and make balloon animals! It was an adorable idea, and put off in the corner it didn't disrupt the party at all.

If you are looking for an alternative to having the children in the reception, consider hiring a babysitter and having games and activities in a nearby room or a hotel room if your venue is in a hotel. Board games, movies, and pizza is all you need to make a special "kids party" for your younger guests and probably give your parents a much-appreciated break. Just make sure to OK this with parents beforehand of course.

Thanks to Limelight Photography for sharing with us photos from Joanna and John's wonderful wedding.

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