Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eat, Drink, and Be Married!

We already know you are going to look fabulous on your wedding day, but are you going to feel great as well? Your wedding day may feel like it's flying by, but in actuality it's a very long day involving hours of preperation, countless photos being taken, and dancing and socializing for hours, sometimes well into the night. Your body needs to be at its best to handle such a long day, and that means EATING on the day of your wedding. Brides often skip meals on the day of their wedding for several reasons: they are too nervous or anxious to eat, they are worried about fitting in to their gown, or they are just too busy, among other things. It is imperative that you hydrate and feed yourself not only in the days leading up to your wedding but the entire day of your wedding as well, so you can keep up your energy level and feel great all day and all night long. Let's not forget about your bridal party either - they are usually with you most of this time and they need their nourishment too!

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to have snacks wherever you are getting ready. Places like Publix, Panera Bread, Einstein Bagels, and Chick-Fil-A have delicious party trays that are perfect to feed you and your hungry wedding army. I mention these places in particular because they have healthy options such as fruit salad, veggie platters, and sandwich wraps that will make you feel good while you are eating them and afterward. If you are getting ready at someone's home or a hotel suite, have a friend run out early in the morning and pick up some pre-ordererd party trays from one of these stores (in my case, my wonderful dad went and got our delicious food for us in the morning). If you are getting ready at a salon, some even offer the option of having food brought in for you, or they will allow you to bring in your own. Here are some ideas if you are trying to choose a wedding day snacking menu...

Getting married early in the day? That means you will be up even earlier getting ready, so start the morning off right for everyone with a bagel bucket and flavored cream cheeses and coffee from Einstein Bros. Bagels. Carbs are the #1 source of energy so eat up and enjoy!

The perfect snacks to start your day - veggie tray, spinach dip in pumpernickel loaf, and pinwheel wraps - all from Publix.

Who would have thought fast food could be so healthy? Chick-Fil-A offer this fruit salad platter and chicken salad tea sandwhiches on wheatberry bread, perfect for lunchtime munching. And FYI, Chick-Fil-A has a delivery option as well so visit their website for more info.

And I just had to share this - I came across this website while on my search of wedding day food options, but unfortunately they are located in Pennsylvania! It's called Wedibles (see their website here), and it's a service that comes and sets up a cute little buffet for you and your bridal to enjoy while getting ready. They have tons of baked goods, fruit salads, veggies and dips, and sweets... so yummy. If I find something like this in our area, I will definitely let you all know!

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