Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Rental Item - Bamboo Arch!

We are constantly adding to our collection of rental items!

We have now added a great new piece to our decor rental: our new bamboo arch! We had many brides renting these from florists in the past and paying a very hefty fee. Since we are always trying to save our brides money in any way that we can, we thought this would be beneficial to our clients for us to acquire an arch to rent out to them for a significant discount in price. Here are some photos of our new arch- it is a cherry-wood bamboo and is a blank slate for you to decorate as you please. Florals or fabrics can be easily added to the sturdy arch. We have a few fabrics available in different colors that are available with the arch, or you can supply your own decor. Contact us for more information on how to rent this arch for your upcoming wedding.

Of course, we still have all of our other rentals available, some of our most popular rentals being our beautiful and ornate cake stand, our small beach-inspired centerpieces, our bronze and glass lanterns, and our cupcake stand. We are currently having a photo album created for our website to feature more of our rental items, so keep checking back to our main website for more information.

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