Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun Find - Beachy Toasting Flutes

I'm starting another new blogging feature - fun finds. We are always on the lookout for unique wedding items and ideas for our brides, so in these blogging posts, I will share some!

This evening I had my final consultation with one of my wonderful couples who are getting married in 3 weeks. The bride-to-be had received a gift from a friend, a toasting flutes set. It is perfect for their beach wedding, and so cute that I just had to share as soon as I found a website that sold it. I love how the flutes rest in the sand and seashell-filled vase. It's so different and unique from the average toasting flute set and really would look great as a decorative element on a sweetheart table (and then later in the newlyweds' home as a keepsake).

Here is one of a few websites where you can find it - Daisy-days.com

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