Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eye-Catching Aisle Decor

Need some creative ideas to dress up your aisles without breaking your budget? Pews bows are not the only way to bring some style to your aisle. Check out these inspiration pics and website links!
Lanterns are a beautiful way to add some glow to your walkway. Beth took this picture herself at a recent wedding (if you didn't know, Beth has some great photography skills!).
And FYI - we now have these lanterns available for you to rent! Contact us for details.

Another simple but beautiful idea is to take a few flowers, curly willow, or other foliage, and tie it with a coordinating ribbon.

A great website for all things wedding is They have everything: vases, candles, fabrics, silk and dried flowers, arches, petals.. I could go on and on. Here is an example of one of their products you can use for aisle decor -- dried and fragrant lavender stems. They come 90 pieces for appx. $9.00. Simple bundle a few of these stalks together and tie with a ribbon around your aisle chair, and not only will they look gorgeous but the aroma will be wonderful as well!

This wired glass jar would make a great hanging lantern or vase to decorate your aisle chairs. has these in a variety of colors for $3.00-$4.50 each. To save money, hang these from every other aisle chair instead of every chair. It will still make just as much of a statement but will cost you half as much.

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