Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's been a few days since I blogged... the bridal show at Cove Cay was very nice and we'll post some pics soon! We have TWO weddings this weekend.. both are going to be fabulous and we will definitely take some photos to share with everyone. But until then, here is a cute list from to explain the top 10 reasons of why you should hire a wedding planner. They are all excellent reasons and very descriptive, but I think #'s 6 and 7 are especially important reasons that people don't really think of.


10. Because the coordinator will create a very detailed schedule of events. This is a very important instrument for the wedding party and all of the major vendors. The schedule ensures that all activities during the reception happen in a timely manner.
9. Because your coordinator will act as your liaison and handle any unforeseen circumstances, so you, your groom and families can rest and enjoy time with your guests.
8. Because your coordinator will ensure your desires for the day are just what you envisioned and planned.
7. Because you want your best friends to remain your best friends after the wedding and not have to “work” on your wedding day.
6. Because you still want to have a relationship with your mother after the wedding. No need to have her running around checking last-minute details, resolving any problems and end up exhausted before the wedding even begins.
5. Because you want to be worry-free and stress-free.
4. Because you want to breathe and relax.
3. Because you want to enjoy your day just like the rest of your guests.
2. Because your Wedding Coordinator will orchestrate your wedding from the rehearsal through the end of the reception. She will ensure everything and everyone is in place from having the ushers ready to seat guests to cueing the musicians, plus much, much more.

…and the number one reason for hiring a day of coordinator…

1. Because you can’t afford not to. (See reasons 2-10 above)

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