Monday, November 3, 2008

September Wedding Recap: Jessica and Del

So this is another late post but we got some great pictures from Jason Angelini and his wife today (shout out to Lucia for her hard work in trying to send me photo files when my email kept rejecting them for some reason!). Jessica and Del called on Beth a few weeks before their big day when they realized their need for a DOC. Luckily Beth was able to save the day and helped them pull together their lovely wedding ceremony at Hollis Gardens and reception at the Peggy Brown Building in Lakeland. This couple had chosen some excellent vendors - you know a vendor is great when they start willingly assisting with jobs that do not normally fall under their job description. In this case, DJ Rob Sword and Photographer Jason assisted Beth as she quickly had to assemble the catered food buffet before guests arrived to the reception from the ceremony. Well, everything all came together wonderfully and here are some images from the wedding of Jessica and Del.

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